School started today and I’m already dead tired @_@

It’s super fun to be at school again though, I learned so much over the last year and summer and now I get a chance to apply all that knowledge to a whole new year. My class has some awesome people in it too that I get along with great

This is it. This year is gonna be so freaking awesome

God there’s so much shit coming from the “gaming community”

It’s just so frustrating, every time I try to read comments it just ends up with me yelling “FUCK YOU” at my screen. It’s so baffling and scary to know some people are just so fucking… ignorant and backwards.

And it scares me some of those people probably go to the same school as me and I have interacted with them

You know this tea stuff ain’t half bad [dumps another truckload of sugar in cup]

An artist I follow posted a fursona generator and it seemed really fun so I tried one before getting to work :D I got a punk elk that wears a leather jacket with lots of patches.

Im pretty pleased with how little time this took me

Oh yeah here is the generator in case you’re interested :D

Anonymous asked:
When it said turntable I thought a DJ set was going to fall from the sky and land in front of him and he'd set the party to maximum overdrive. So I was a little disappointed in that regard, but nonetheless very well done on the model.


DJ Azog dropping his new CD “Bring me their heads” with great hits such as “was that loser I just killed your dad lol” and “fuck I used that arm” not to mention “lol/jk my new arm be bitchin”

If you didn’t expect this you are a fool

Also thanks for the compliment on the model <3

Roughly a month of work led to this final result. I tried to add some depth of field using post-processing but eh… it kinda failed. Oh well. Just gotta hand in the final file and hope for the best :D

adanteria asked:
Whos cute?

That’s one hell of a question.

Who among us can truly claim to be cute?

What is cuteness?

Naaah just kidding it’s Rocket


I went to sleep and woke up but it’s still Tuesday so I’ll take questions the whole day :D

Anonymous asked:
if you're drunk and I'm drunk THEN WHO'S FLYING THE PLANE


An ideal husband

A maniacal raccoon

who is probably also drunk

hi im drunk and it’s techinically tuesday who wants to asdk me silly questions

I might draw stuff as answers

Holy shit I randomly scrolled down all my posts and I found out I made my first post exactly 2 years ago tomorrow??? I can’t believe it’s been 2 years of tumblr. I both feel like “2 year already?” and “wait was I ever not on tumblr?”

I was just thinking about stuffs in regards to my life and my art, like… the big stuff. I’ve come such a long way with my art and holy shit I couldn’t be happier and more excited about that. I finally feel like I know what I’m doing and can do stuff with slight confidence.

When I started out on tumblr I only drew ponies, and I mean, I’m extremely thankful for MLP, since it really made me draw more seriously. Admittedly, ponies were a crutch I leaned on at first, but the important thing is that I was drawing. 

I still have such a long way to go, but I’m drawing humans and humanoids pretty much exclusively now and actually having fun with it instead of a constant “fuck fuck this looks shit I cant draw what the fuck am I doing” struggle with my work.

I just… feel like I can actually take this somewhere, you know? Like I’m actually on the path to where I always wanted to be. Not in the way of seeing someone crazy talented and thinking “man it’d be awesome if I could do that” but actually feeling like I’m on the same path as that talented person. They just got on it sooner, and one day, if I keep this up, I can be where they are now.

Sorry for the rambling it’s 2AM and I’m tired and excited :D

I finished my project for school today and I wanted to try speedsculpting! Groot was probably an easy choice, but hey, baby steps. An hour and a half from start to finish, starting from a dynamesh sphere.

I want to hopefully do more of this because it’s super fun! Also I more or less accidentally signed up to be a character artist for a big project, so I better get into character sculpting shape.

Perfect babe

I am an adult and an artist

Whooheee need to vent, lot’s o’ rambling warning

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Sometimes I miss you so much it becomes all I am. But that’s not who I am, it’s just that you’re on my mind a lot, including when I feel bad.

I’ll always feel good in the end though, and then I can look back and just be happy to know you. So I suppose this is just a way to say sorry, because I’m not always in control of my feelings and thoughts.

And I hope this is a way to say thank you for tolerating me when I’m like that.

And I’m afraid this is a way to show that ultimately, despite my best efforts, I still cannot draw hands.