I suddenly miss the time I added descriptions about my work, and not about myself or how I drew it. I wanna get back to that. When my drawings weren’t just exercises but actually had meaning, even if I didn’t understand the meaning myself.

Sounds kinda pretentious idk but I loved those times I wanna get back to them

Suncreature studio is holding a contest for their upcoming animated series Tales of Alethrion, and it just seemed like too much fun not to give it a try. 

Spoilers; I was right, it was so much fun to paint this


Too kawaii to live, too sugoi to die

Horrible selfie time

I’m back from France! All my drawing equipment is lagging 2 days behind! So yeah… some more patience before I post stuff. Secretly quite fond of the nail polish

Aha! I may have packed my tablet and sketchbook, but I can always draw on printer paper! Two NPCs that are going to play a large role in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I’ve been preparing for my friends. 

I’m having so much fun worldbuilding this but I have never been Dungeon Master in my life so it could be a big disaster :D 

A work in progress because Im going to France for 10 days this Saturday and I won’t have internet there so I won’t be posting anything for a while :D 

It’s super annoying because I already packed my drawing tablet and dropped off my bags so I can’t work on this anymore >_>

Gay Pirates because it’s a song and my blog needs more men kissing. 

Ash and Blood

This had meaning at some point, but it got lost. I still like the end result though.

Kinda long description warning I guess :D

Looking back at my old drawings from last year, I spend some time thinking about the characters I’ve left behind, mostly these guys! I made them for a fanfic I was writing, but ultimately lost interest in. It was really lame and badly written but I enjoyed it while it lasted. If you want to torture yourself, you can check out the unfinished mess here (protip; dont read it :’D)

Their names are Waren, Werk and Stratos, and their story is probably pretty irrelevant to what they mean to me as characters. Because the ugly truth is they don’t really mean anything to me anymore, apart from Stratos. I left the story I was writing behind, but Stratos as a character stuck with me.

Waren and Werk are… well, kinda bland. Waren is a bookworm and a stick in the mud and Werk never managed to developed a character at all. Stratos, on the other hand, is boundlessly optimistic, curious, happy and positive and I honestly think writing her helped me embrace those things as well.

I guess I mostly wanted to make this to kinda “honor” them and their story, that for all the promises I made to myself, will never be told. 

Random drawing of an old pony character, Stratos. Looking at my old stuff again I really wanted to draw a pony again, and I still love this character. It’s quite a conundrum because I really do feel like I’m not really “into ponies” that much anymore, but I still love my pony characters. 

What to do, what to do….

Inspired by the song Big Bird by Andrew Jackson Jihad

More or less happy with how this turned out, but I originally wanted to draw the guy missing a leg and I forgot that when I started over and now I’m kinda dissapointed in that xD

Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

To pierce or not to pierce? That’s the question.

It’s been ages since I drew myself as a human. I changed :D Also 500th post! Whoo! And first work of the second half of 2014. For both occasions this drawing is extremely underwhelming. Sorry.

in case its not clear im thinking about getting my tongue pierced

Art Infograph! On the time period January-June 2013 vs January-June 2014. I learned some interesting things and I guess some people get a kick out of this!

2013 was bigger and had more files and drawings, but mostly because I saved EVERYTHING at super high-res that made no sense. I did make more drawings last year though, that was kinda disappointing to learn :(

Hole smokes batman I did a ton of fanart last year. Mostly ponies, heh… I think it’s safe to say that I turned that around this year. 

Same with humans vs non-humans (furries count as non-humans, no cheating). It’s really tied in with the fanart because yeah, ponies aren’t humans :D 

Edit; also, the 5 works im most proud of from both years. 

The future awaits!

Some random shapes people I doodled in my notebook while I was waiting for my renders to finish the other day. Took a crappy picture of the page and lined and coloured them in photoshop. I guess this isn’t really something I normally do :D

Also it’s July I need to analyse the past 6 months in art. God, half of 2014 is gone guys. ITS GONE.

Some doodles I’m never gonna finish and an excuse to say I feel like such a fucking idiot sometimes. God. I go through so many emotions in a day, this can’t be healthy.

I really wanna discover new music. Like, that feeling of finding a band you love and going through their stuff for the first time. Any recommendations? I pretty much listen to any genre, so go nuts!

So yeah, what music do you love?